Monday, February 13, 2012

New York Toy Fair 2012

Yesterday, the NY Toy Fair kicked off strong with a plethora of new Halo 4 things, as well as some other interesting items. Such as TWO different versions of the Halo 4 Master Chief. One is a cleaner, more composed Master Chief. The thing I like about it is that, now, the whole Mark VII Mjolnir armor makes sense (not to mention, he's holding the AR, most likely confirmed for Halo 4), as compared to the smaller of the two which has the Halo 3 style chest scar. But, the smaller one also has the Grenadier Pistol from the Awakening trailer. As well, some of the upcoming Mega Bloks were show. One of these really caught my eye. Its image is at the bottom. It shows a red Spartan shooting what looks like a Battle Rifle at some crazy looking Sentinel (presumably) and its other sentinel friends. The images are posted below, leave me some comments on what you think!
The Larger of the two, Front

The Larger of the two, Back

The Smaller of the Two

The MEGA Bloks set pic.

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  1. Excellent post.

    When looking at the Mega Bloks set photo, I snooped around for images of that prototype. Sure enough, I found some.

    Those images make it clearer what the Spartan is shooting at; the large machine is a Sentinel Enforcer, which hasn't been seen since Halo 2, specifically the levels "Quarantine Zone" and "Sacred Icon."

    In case you don't remember, they were the large machines that had shields mounted on the front, and would fire either small red needles or mortars at you. Most dangerously of all, if one got above your vehicle, it would pull it up into its two large clawed arms and crush it.

    The other ones in the set, of course, are the classic sentinels, specifically dubbed 'Aggressors.'