Monday, May 28, 2012

TRU7H's Policy on Leaked Content

     Today, Greenskull of ReadyUpLive released a video here on youtube about their Leaked Content Policy, with which, we totally agree.
     First off, I would like to touch on what his reasoning is for this and why that it is the same reason that we follow the exact same policy. We, as a new sub-community of the much larger Community of the Halo franchise, would love to build up a reputation and relationship with companies like 343 industries or Bungie or who ever and promoting a leak of content either unfinished or unconfirmed is rude AND unprofessional. I, personally, would love to be in the same spot as Greenskull/ReadyUpLive or HBO is with 343.
     I thank you for understanding this, and I hope you enjoy E3 2012 next week!

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