Thursday, July 5, 2012

Halo 2 Anniversary

So, This just came up. apparently, in the newest issue of OXM, it has been confirmed that a Halo 2 Anniversary is in development, as seen over at Modern X Games.
I can't say that I'm surprised. Halo Anniversary was a huge success, and I knew that this would be short in suite. Maybe this will make sure that Halo does have a game come out for the fourth year in a row. As long as it doesn't interfere with the season of Spartan Ops running close to it's launch. I also don't think people have to worry about this  taking away from the Halo 4 dev team. The game will most likely be outsourced (most likely to Sabre Interactive again) just like Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary (2011).
What do you think? Will we see Halo 2 Anniversary next year for a nine year anniversary launch? or wait until 2014 for a ten year anniversary like it's predecessor was?

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