Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Halo 4 Info blowout for employees, surface for fans.

Today, Little English Halo Blog was lucky enough to get it's hands on some game retailer employee information and screens. Below, you can see the screens for yourself (click for bigger versions) But, if you don't wanna go through the stuff, here's a rundown:
-10 weeks= season one of Spartan Ops= 50 missions= 12 hours of content. A second campaign.
-2 new vehicles
-10 new weapons
-Darker Campaign
-10 Multiplayer maps at launch
-speculation of a clan type support. (more on the bottom.)



So, I wanted to talk about a theory that has been popping up since this morning. The idea of a group feature could work like this; say that TRU7H has a group in Halo 4 and there are so many people in that group. We see that there are X out of Y players online and we hit the invite button which sends an invite to all of those players, basically making community playdates a whole lot better.

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