Saturday, June 23, 2012

We Are TRU7H: Part 2


Well, how to start this off... Im Kri77ical, one of the founders of a growing community called Tru7h. It all started with me joining a community playdate hosted by Mixmasterchief in Halo 3! We got to talkin' and out popped the idea of an all gaming news site! What is it I do in this community you ask? Well, I am in charge of our Community Star contest and filming/editing the videos for the group! The Community Star contest is where people in the community use there special talents to create something awesome, in which we get them noticed in the community for! The videos I make for the community are usually for the Community Star or community playdates.

The reason I take so much pride in this community is because it is simply for everyone! It doesn't just focus on one game or game console, its for everything. Its a great way to connect with all your gaming buddies and have a lot of fun! Tru7h is a community where you can get the most out of your gaming experience. We have contests and community playdates pretty much every week! We may be small now, but I know we will grow to be one of the biggest and best communities out there! 

Oh, by the way, Im Dustin Williams. Im 17 and live in Gulfport, MS. Im interested in doing animation for films and gaming. 

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