Sunday, June 24, 2012

We Are TRU7H: Part 3


So how bout that ride in ha?.. I'm not very good at coming up with masterpieces right of the bat, so don't expect greatness out of me. I'm Bycoon343, but it really agitates me to be called that, so call me Phil. Phil was taken at the start or otherwise, yeah I don't need to explain myself. I've only been at this community thing a couple of days and I'm really starting to dig it. I've tried it in the past, but my unique attention span really got in my way. Thats all over now though. Kri77ical, or Dustin, invited me back into the community world just a couple of days ago, two to be exact, whilst playing Minecraft. I handle the Twitter of Tru7h and I'm a moderator for the blog. I'm nothing too special, just Austin and Dustin's website slave. 

On a more personal note, I'm Phillip LeMere from Gulfport, MS who plays Xbox and plucks the guitar. Thanks

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